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Under The Same Moon

A Story from the Great War
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Chris Durrant was born in India to British parents in the last days of the Raj. He was brought up in Kenya, had three enjoyable and not completely wasted years at Oxford, and went back to East Africa to work for the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), a sort of British equivalent of the World Bank. After postings with CDC in Swaziland and Jamaica, he migrated with his family to Australia. He now lives with his wife Shirley in the hills above Perth, Western Australia. Children and grandchildren are scattered around the world, including Perth.

Apart from financial management, Chris has worked as a pig farmer and a school-teacher. He is a rugby fanatic, an environmentalist, and a keen student of the history of the Great War, in which his father served and two of his uncles died. He has written his autobiography and a collection of whimsical essays about the school where he worked, as well as numerous songs and comic poems over the years. He has also co-authored several school accounting text-books. Under the Same Moon is his first novel.


Under the Same Moon

For Australian readers who want a hard copy, please contact the author direct on or if you live in Perth, Western Australia you can get a copy at the following locations:


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At both outlets, you can enjoy a delicious snack and an excellent cup of coffee while you start reading!

Bwana Kidogo

A memoir of Australian writer Chris Durrant about growing up in colonial Kenya in the years after the Second World War. It is the tale of a fascinating period in Kenya’s history, moving from colonial rule, through the turbulence of the Mau Mau Emergency, and then the inevitable progression to full independence under Jomo Kenyatta. 


"The author never lets your interest flag and his story unfolds with empathy and humour. These are people we won’t forget."


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